CARES is a diverse advocacy group made up of key stakeholders in the electric industry including electric cooperatives, municipal utilities, suppliers, manufacturers, and other advocacy organizations. Together we leverage our collective voice to raise awareness of issues that threaten the reliability of our electric grid. Through strategic engagement with policymakers at all levels, we hope to ensure that every American is provided with that essential, reliable, and affordable electric service.


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WHY JOIN? – Today’s challenge is supply chain, but there are knownand unknown issues that will threaten future grid reliability. CARES is a nonpartisan advocacy and idea coalition that will keep reliability our core focus and mission. This means educating the public and the policy makers on necessary investments that must accompany large-scale electrification initiatives, electric vehicle adoption, clean energy transition, and more.

CARES will serve to complement existing utility trade associations by focusing on the effects of grid reliability in a nonpartisan, member-focused way.



What are the issues that CARES is addressing? Where can I find facts about the issues to make sure I have a strong, informed voice when speaking about these issues?

CARES provides this information using the resources of key members in the electric industry. Members working together to make sure there is awareness of threats to the reliability of our electric grid.

Stay informed, stay engaged.